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Welcome to Newlife Chiropractic & Integrative Wellness

Why Patients Choose Us

There are many reasons the patients put their trust into our institute, and choose our unique approach to naturally managing their health conditions:

  1. We know that successfully managing your health takes more than just managing your physical symptoms.
  2. We focus on the immune system, the most common mechanism for disorders in the United States.
  3. We take a whole-person approach that factors in hormone imbalance, immune imbalance, adrenal and blood sugar imbalance, and digestive imbalance when formulating our approach for a patient.
  4. We use functional lab testing to guide and direct our treatment. This means that your treatment protocol is based off the unique imbalances in YOUR body, not just what the ‘typical’ patient has.
  5. Most importantly we care for and listen to our patients. We know that every doctor practically rushes you in and out of their office, and never takes the time to help you understand why you feel the way you do, and how the treatment is going to ultimately help you feel and function better. We take a partnership approach to health care and want you to play an integral role in your treatment.

If you would like to explore our functional, whole-person, treatment approach then CLICK HERE to schedule online.

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